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Support & Encouragement

they need to foster a relationship with their teen that has

Members gather on Zoom with Dr. Cam for interactive group sessions, where you can seek guidance, collaborate on solutions, find motivation, and engage with fellow parents of teenagers.
Members team up with Dr. Cam for invigorating live virtual workshops, honing their parenting skills to cultivate boundless connections, respect, and harmonious relationships.
Members enjoy unparalleled round-the-clock access to online courses, master workshop recordings, top-tier resources, expert tips, a thriving community, and unwavering support.
Dr. Cam's Client
Success Stories
Tracy C.
"OH MY GOSH, this has been a lifesaver, for real. My son’s depression has thrown me for a massive loop. I've applied what I've learned and I feel closer and more connected with my son than I have in the last 6 months. I'm tearing up writing this...Thank you a million times. THANK YOU!”
Kim P.
"I was excited to attend. I took a great deal of comfort hearing similar stories and struggles from other parents with their teenagers. It helped me feel less alone."
Carrie V.
"I didn't think I needed this. But considering what I have now...I was so wrong. I do think everybody needs this. It's a life game-changer."
Beth S.
"The hope that is given to have parents be able to get along with their teenagers is priceless."
Jamie U.
"To have someone come along side you and give you tools...and practical solutions to something that feels so big and watch it actually work is powerful."
Charle P.
"It's the best group that I've ever been a part of in a learning experience like this. I feel so safe, but also very vulnerable, and we also have a little fun."

Parents Are Raving About the Thriving Parent Academy

Ready to Start Thriving as a Family?

Cultivate connection with your teen today, so your whole family will thrive for a lifetime.
Membership to the Thriving Parent Academy Includes
1. Transformative LIVE Laser Coaching group sessions.
  • 50-min. Interactive Ask Me Anything Sessions
  • ​Virtual Experience (Accessible from Anywhere in the World)
  • Flexibility to Join or Leave at Your Convenience
2. Virtual LIVE Master Classes
  • 50-Minute Deep-Dive Sessions on Essential Parenting Topics 
  • Access Recordings of All Previous Master Workshops 
  • Experience a Virtual Journey from Anywhere in the World
3. Exclusive Access to the Virtual Campus
  • Unlimited Access to Premium Mental Health Resources.
  • Discover Everything You Need in One Central Hub.
  • Access Expert Advice Whenever and However You Need It.
4. Ongoing Support + Encouragement
  • Experience the Thrill of LIVE Sessions with Dr. Cam!
  • Join an Inspiring Community of Like-Minded Parents.
  • Get Tips Delivered Straight to Your Inbox for an Extra Boost!

Over $5K worth of services and resources for only...


Unlock a massive 43% discount when you commit to a full year's subscription!

You CAN have an



Restore peace & harmony in your home

Regain trust & respect

Reduce stress, frustration, and anger

Curb gaming & device use

Encourage cooperation & participation

End power struggles & disrespect

Build confidence & resiliency

Deepen connection & conversation

Increase accountability & motivation

Break through the attitude & resistance

Teach self-control & good decision-making

Instill values & compassion

* Limited Introducty Rate ends Oct 1, 2024

Start Thriving as a Family Today!

Cultivate Connection With Your Teen Today, So Your Whole Family Will Thrive For a Lifetime
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$45 every month
$79 every month
1. Bi-weekly LIVE Breakthrough Laser Coaching ($3,000 Value)
  • ​​Powerful 15-minute mini lessons
  • 24 interactive ask-me-anything laser-coaching sessions
  • Virtual experience (accessible worldwide)
  • ​Flexibility to drop in and out at your convenience
2. Bi-monthly LIVE Deep-Dive Master Classes ($1,500 Value)
  • Delve Deep into Essential Parenting Topics with 50-Minute Sessions
  •  On-Demand Access to Recordings from Previous Master Workshops
  • ​Engage Virtually from Anywhere in the World
3. Exclusive Entry to the Thriving Family Portal (Valued at $997) 
  • Unlimited use of breakthrough strategies and tactics
  • Seamless accessibility from a centralized hub
  • ​Connect with a nurturing community of fellow parents of teenagers.
 BONUS: Family Manifesto Workbook 
 BONUS: Parent/Teen contract template bundle
 BONUS: The Ultimate Guide to Online Safety eBook
 BONUS: Discounts & access to partner courses and events

Over $5K Value ONLY...


* Unlock a massive 43% discount when you commit to a full year's subscription!

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