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This program is for YOU if 


  • ​Raising a teen who feels confident, happy, and secure in themselves.
  • Calm, kind conversations where you actually listen to each other.
  • ​Helping them develop a growth mindset to crush challenges.
  • ​Building a peaceful (even fun!) family environment. ️
Here's everything that's included in the 
Thriving Parent Academy
Coaching, Masterminds & Q&A Calls (3x/month)
Get expert guidance from an adolescent psychologist who's helped hundreds of families (and raised her own happy teen!). Learn proven strategies to transform your relationship with your teen so that they are more:
  • self-motivated (& accountable for their actions)
  • excited to spend time with you (not just their phone)
  • open to talking (even when they're struggling)
Decode Your Teen's Brain 
(No PhD Required)
Weekly Video Training Modules: Get a step-by-step roadmap to understanding your teen's behavior. Each video includes clear actions and a downloadable worksheet to help you implement what you learn.

Deep Dive Into Teen Behavior: Discover the 4 main reasons teens shut down and learn effective communication strategies to build connection, accountability, and respect.
Private VIP 
Accountability Group
I'm your personal cheerleader, pushing you forward and guiding you through challenges. Run an approach by me, get feedback on past interactions, or ask anything keeping you up at night.

Surround yourself with other invested parents on the same journey! Share wins, celebrate successes, and find endless support. This group is all about seeing you thrive and help you reach your goals.

Dr. Cam's Client
Success Stories
Tracy C.
"OH MY GOSH, this has been a lifesaver, for real. My son’s depression has thrown me for a massive loop. I've applied what I've learned and I feel closer and more connected with my son than I have in the last 6 months. I'm tearing up writing this...Thank you a million times. THANK YOU!”
Kim P.
"I was excited to attend. I took a great deal of comfort hearing similar stories and struggles from other parents with their teenagers. It helped me feel less alone."
Carrie V.
"I didn't think I needed this. But considering what I have now...I was so wrong. I do think everybody needs this. It's a life game-changer."
Beth S.
"The hope that is given to have parents be able to get along with their teenagers is priceless."
Jamie U.
"To have someone come along side you and give you tools...and practical solutions to something that feels so big and watch it actually work is powerful."
Charle P.
"It's the best group that I've ever been a part of in a learning experience like this. I feel so safe, but also very vulnerable, and we also have a little fun."

Don't just DREAM of a better relationship with your teen, ACHIEVE it!

Get 1-year of LIVE coaching with Dr. Cam & access to the Thriving Parent Academy Community. 

I can't wait to help you create a more positive and supportive relationship with your teen. My program will equip you with the tools and support you need to build the connection you've always desired. We'll take big action steps together, but at a pace that feels right for you. With 6 full months of access to me and our supportive community, lasting results are within reach.
• You want to build confidence in yourself and your teen.
• You're open to self-reflection and learning new skills.
• You're willing to take accountability for your role in the dynamic.

Have questions? Just shoot me an email at hello@drcamconsulting.com

Parents Are Raving About the Thriving Parent Academy

Start Thriving as a Family Today!

Cultivate Connection With Your Teen Today, So Your Whole Family Will Thrive For a Lifetime
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$79 every month
1. Bi-weekly LIVE Breakthrough Laser Coaching 
  • ​​Powerful 15-minute mini lessons
  • 24 interactive ask-me-anything laser-coaching sessions
  • Virtual experience (accessible worldwide)
  • ​Flexibility to drop in and out at your convenience
2. Bi-monthly LIVE Deep-Dive Master Classes 
  • Deep Dive into Essential Parenting Topics with 50-Minute Sessions
  •  On-Demand Access to Recordings from Previous Master Classes
  • ​Engage Virtually from Anywhere in the World
3. Exclusive Entry to the Thriving Family Portal  
  • Unlimited use of breakthrough strategies and tactics
  • Seamless accessibility from a centralized hub
  • ​Connect with a nurturing community of fellow parents of teenagers.
 BONUS: Family Manifesto Workbook 
 BONUS: Parent/Teen contract template bundle
 BONUS: The Ultimate Guide to Online Safety eBook
 BONUS: Discounts & access to partner courses and events
*Terms of serviceIn order to get results, you will need to watch the trainings, take action and show up to coaching & masterclasses. (Masterclasses will be recorded so you can watch them back later if you can’t attend live.) This is a partnership, not a "done-for-you" service or 1:1 coaching, and it takes effort on both sides. Due to the nature of the information in this program, the small number of spots available, and because of the live coaching component, there are no refunds for this program. Dr. Cam does not guarantee an improved relationship with your teen. If you have any doubts, please don’t sign up. I can’t wait to work with you! Dr. Cam💛
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