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they need to foster a relationship with their teen that has

Members meet with Dr. Cam via Zoom twice a month to ask questions, problem-solve, get encouragement, and connect with other parents of teens. 
Once a month, members join Dr. Cam for a LIVE virtual workshop to hone effective parenting skills to create connection, respect, and harmony.
Members get exclusive 24/7 access to online courses, master workshop recordings, premium resources, pro tips, community, and support.
Dr. Cam's Client
Success Stories
Tracy C.
"OH MY GOSH, this has been a lifesaver, for real. My son’s depression has thrown me for a massive loop. I've applied what I've learned and I feel closer and more connected with my son than I have in the last 6 months. I'm tearing up writing this...Thank you a million times. THANK YOU!”
Kim P.
"I was excited to attend. I took a great deal of comfort hearing similar stories and struggles from other parents with their teenagers. It helped me feel less alone."
Carrie V.
"I didn't think I needed this. But considering what I have now...I was so wrong. I do think everybody needs this. It's a life game-changer."
Beth S.
"The hope that is given to have parents be able to get along with their teenagers is priceless."
Jamie U.
"To have someone come along side you and give you tools...and practical solutions to something that feels so big and watch it actually work is powerful."
Charle P.
"It's the best group that I've ever been a part of in a learning experience like this. I feel so safe, but also very vulnerable, and we also have a little fun."
 That was the first time in three years, that he actually told us a little bit about the kids in his class and what was going on at school. That felt really good.” 
— Mom, Sons 14 + 16
 I must recommend Dr. Cam’s parent groups. The support and suggestions derived from a simple question and answer is thought provoking and encouraging."
— Joy M.
 She helps not only identify issues but also potential root causes and guides you to the solutions that fit best for the situation.”
— Crystal L.
 I put your advice to work yesterday and turned out to be a good day.” 
— Michelle M. 
 The communication and the way we approach the situation has been improving. Our teens are taking more ownership. Ultimately this has shifted how we approach our teens."
 — Scott + Julie D., Sons 13+15

Ready to Start Thriving as a Family?

Cultivate connection with your teen today, so your whole family will thrive for a lifetime.
Membership to the Thriving Parent Academy Includes
1. Bi-weekly LIVE Laser Coaching
  • 50-min. group laser-coaching session (2nd + 4th Wed.)
  • ​Ask Me Anything session (submit questions ahead of time)
  • Virtual experience (join from anywhere in the world)
  • Flexible (pop in and out at your convenience)
2. Monthly LIVE Master Workshops
  • 50-min. deep-dive into key parenting topics (3rd Wed.)
  • Access to recordings of all previous master workshops.
  • Virtual experience (join from anywhere in the world)
3. Exclusive Access to the Virtual Campus
  • Unlimited access to premium parenting + mental health resources.
  • Find everything you need in one central location.
  • Access expert advice when you need it, as often as you need it.
4. Ongoing Support + Encouragement
  • Regular LIVE access to Dr. Cam
  • Incredible community of like-minded parents
  • ​Pro Parenting Tips sent directly to your inbox
Only $49/month

For over $20,000 worth of services and resources.

You CAN have an



Restore peace & harmony in your home

Regain trust & respect

Reduce stress, frustration, and anger

Curb gaming & device use

Encourage cooperation & participation

End power struggles & disrespect

Build confidence & resiliency

Deepen connection & conversation

Increase accountability & motivation

Break through the attitude & resistance

Teach self-control & good decision-making

Instill values & compassion

Imagine how amazing it will feel when you and your teen stop fighting and actually enjoy spending time together again. 

 Imagine how relieved you will feel knowing your teen is okay and is comfortable coming to you when they're not.

  Imagine how enjoyable dinners will be when you're able to sit together peacefully and have an engaging conversation.

parent peacefully. ♡

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